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@Mindspawn @SAM

Created this forum based on your conversation in another thread, can't believe I left Field Recording out..

Noticed you get out and capture your own sounds.... Perfect, a man after my own heart, something I love doing..

Wondering about your kit though, what are you running?

We use a few bits, mainly running with a Zoom F6 (love the 32bit Floating Point capability) or an iPhone with a varied mic and cable selection, depending on the type of capture.

Microphones are an absolute love of mine, especially the AKG C411 L contact microphone - loads of fun with this, especially around harbours and water. We have a few classic Russian mics also that have incredible colour to them, like the original Oktava's..

Other than that, a few RODE guns and for some reason six AT4040, two Aston Spirits, and a couple of high-end XY's.

LOM Microphones​

Worth checking out LOM, this guys is amazing.. Not only for his music, but his microphones are incredible!

Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 21.43.19.png

+++ For fun, the electromagnetic microphone is awesome..

Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 21.43.30.png

+++ Also, a must is the Uši Pro, so tiny but incredibly versatile.. Probably my most used microphone for ambient sound capture as I hang a pair of them out of a backpack..